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The Best Travel Pillow For Long Distance Flights, Trips & More

Need A Good Flight’s Sleep?

Flying redeye across the country? On a long haul around the world? Rest easier with the Little Cloud Nine Travel Pillow as your most comfortable long distance companion.

From JFK to LAX, ATL to LGA, Hawaii, Singapore – domestic, international, anywhere. If you have a long trip ahead of you, our uniquely designed Little Cloud Nine pillow helps you sleep on planes, trains, buses and other vehicles.
Little Cloud Nine Travel Pillow Package

The Travel Pillow Designed for Long Distance Travel

In fact, the longer the journey, the more you need our comfy inflatable travel pillow. Just ask one of our satisfied flight attendants.

Heading “across the pond” to Europe? Trekking Down Under to Australia or New Zealand? Other pillows may stay comfortable for a while. The Little Cloud Nine will support you, your neck – even your back – through any international flight.

For a good flight’s sleep, order today. NOW WITH FREE SHIPPING!Watch Our Little Cloud Nine Commercial!