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Reasons To Buy

We are proud of what our Little Cloud NineTravel Pillow (NOW WITH FREE SHIPPING) offers to seasoned long-haul travelers:

Good Head, neck, and spine stay aligned while you rest – No More Kinks!
Good Privacy – No more watching or staring at you while you sleep, snore, drool, etc.
Good Easy to inflate. Quickly deflates.
Good Stores flat in purse or carry-on.
Good Provides extremely comfortable cushioned support.
Good Specifically designed as an incline sleep pillow AND a lumbar/back support cushion.
Good Vented for air circulation.
Good No need for an eye mask because our unique design provides shade.
Good Works great when you can’t recline your seat.
Good Extremely useful when sitting between other passengers.
Good Airlines only provide 1 pillow per passenger.
Good Airline pillows are thin, flimsy, and gross.
Good Improves both your quality and quantity of sleep while traveling.
Good Engineered to provide many years of restful travel.
Good Covered in a premium velour that offers a touch of softness.

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