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I am a flight attendant and I have been looking for the perfect pillow that I can use on my ground time or for a dead head flight to get some rest. This is by far the BEST pillow I can get! I have spent hundreds of my own dollars to get comfortable on a plane, and I am officially obsessed! I hope people ask me where I got this, I hope my coworkers ask me where I got this. I have been telling everyone about it and I sincerely hope that they get one for themselves! I will always have mine with me and when I wear it out, I will purchase another one with no hesitation.
Thank you so much for this!

Carla “La” Thomas | Flight Attendant

I used the LC9 on my most recent trip to Los Angeles for a conference and it worked out fine. LAX is only a 12 hour hop from Brisbane but I managed to get about 4 hours sleep going over and  about 5-6 coming home…. I got some soft foam ear plugs to help with cabin noise and a few puffs had the pillow inflated. The people next to me were interested to know where I got the LC9…. I had appointments on arrival and hit the ground running. Even the few hours sleep I got broke the back of my usual jet lag, so I remained functional until late in the day. I never usually get real sleep on planes so I am happy to recommend this device to friends and patients who are planning flights from Australia. (Everywhere is long-haul from Australia.) The LC9 is sitting in my carry-on ready for my next trip.
C.A. | Brisbane, Australia

 The Little Cloud Nine worked wonderfully.  I had a full six hours of uninterrupted sleep on the flight home to Sydney – something that is unprecedented for me.
 A.L. | Sydney, Australia

This is the best travel sleep support on the market. It allows you to relax your neck and shoulders for a deeper rest. It is compact and can be used in an economy sized seat. Highly recommended!
CK | July 15, 2013

I will always take it with me! Much better than the “around the neck” support. I would have given it 5 stars, but a couple of times I tipped while I was sleeping. I’m expecting that was user error….so I’m hoping to get better and better at staying upright while I sleep!!!

I just wanted to drop you a note to say:

1. THANK YOU for shipping this so promptly! I was worried I wouldn’t get it in time for my upcoming flight to Hong Kong. I really appreciate that you did this. Thanks.
2. This thing is AWESOME! I followed your instructions to open it up and practice inflating and adjusting it. I firmly believe this step (which most folks probably ignore?) is critical. I mean, i’s not rocket surgery, but you also don’t want to be fiddling with a new gadget during the flight. Anyway, I gave it a try, sitting at my desk at work. It’s so comfortable and firmly supportive, I honestly almost fell asleep. Amazing.
3. I suffer from Sleep Apnea, and require a CPAP machine during sleep. However, I can get by without one if I’m sleeping face down. Sleeping in a reclining position in an airline seat is actually VERY BAD for sleep apnea sufferers like me. Your genius device allows me to get much needed rest during my long flight. I don’t know about the legal issues, but if you worded this carefully, you really should market this pillow to sleep apnea people like me. I’ll bet you’d get a bunch more business from that demographic.
Thank you again!
S.V. | Sleep Apnea Customer

An “early” satisfied customer, who purchased our Little Cloud Nine™ Travel Pillow when we were first launching our patented travel pillow, decided to record a video testimonial for us. We certainly appreciate her efforts. We hope you do too. Enjoy!

Judy | Satisfied Customer

Little Cloud Nine Testimonial (1:31)

I am an international flight attendant for Delta for over 32 years. My flight times range from about 7 hours to close to 15 hours. I generally fly to Japan and China, but sometimes to Europe and Hawaii. I have seen passengers in extreme discomfort trying to sleep on these long flights in the main cabin with those crazy neck pillows that just jut your neck forward so your head is hanging down giving you a stiff neck. The pillows that the airline provides are extremely skimpy, and what do you do with them when you are in a middle seat? I can tell you the airline provides one pillow per passenger! There’s also your lower back that can give you a terrible backache. The seats are not built with lumbar in them. The answer to all of these problems is “The Little Cloud Nine™.”

The Little Cloud Nine™ provides passengers total comfort no matter what seat they are sitting without bothering their seat partners and plus they can listen to their headsets with ease. When they are not sleeping, they can use it as a back support. This is the answer to a passenger’s travel prayer. Trust me, I have seen every travel gadget out there, and this is the ultimate in comfort! Whether you are tall or short, there is a size for both. Don’t waste your money on anything else! Take it from an expert who knows!

Sally Carlson | Delta Flight Attendant

Little Cloud Nine™ is unique in the fact that it allows people to rest while seated, keeping the head, neck and spine aligned. Members of the USA Sub Jr. Powerlifting Team used Little Cloud Nine™ for their trip to the world meet in São Paulo, Brazil. Coach Joe Lewis said, “The athletes that used it seemed impressed with it! I personally loved it! I have never had much success with sleeping on planes, but I found that I was able to grab up to 30 minutes or more at a time with comfort with your device. I will probably never get uninterrupted sleep on a plane so the fact that I was able to catch prolonged naps without neck strain was very important to me.”

Coach Joe Lewis | USA Sub Jr. Powerlifting Team

I’d had quite a bit of trouble with the computer that I was on today while looking for a travel pillow to use in front of me while traveling. I think it was meant to be because I found your site and what I feel will be a great product – so I am ordering 2 before even trying it! Thank you!

Pam from Illinois | Online Customer

I must say, I was a “wee bit” skeptical when I first saw “my” Cloud Nine. Now I am CONVINCED it is an answer to a prayer. After 4 back surgeries, flying for hours was impossible. My recent flight to Europe was more than comfortable with my Cloud Nine. I plan to use it in the car as well – what a GREAT invention. Thanks for all my sweet dreams!!


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